måndag 25 augusti 2014

The project lives!

Yes, it has been a looong time, but I am still painting stuff for this project, still planning how to run it and still building terrain for it. "That is not dead..." and all that.
I have been painting Warlord and Gripping Beast figures to act as militia for the Gondor army and I finally have a whole unit ready.

The idea behind these guys is that they should look like troops raised from Gondorian farmers and workers with a clear distinction from the plate-armoured regulars portrayed in the movies. That means these guys will take the first punch when the Baddies come streaming over the border. Poor buggers! Well, it should make for some very fun scenarios with rear-guard actions and cowboys-and-indians rescue attempts.
On the paint desk right now are the Veterans of Minas Tirith set from GW. Should work great as leader cadre for this rabble.

5 kommentarer:

  1. They look nice, although maybe try and tone down the red a bit? Maybe a light drybrush with bleached bone or similar to make them look faded.

    1. They look a lot more worn and faded in real life, the picture adds colour saturation that is not really there.

  2. Hey Thomas:

    I love these guys. Especially like the Uruk helmet one guy is waving as a trophy, and I like that some of them are blonde, unlike the PJ films where the Gondorians are almost are dark haired. Perhaps these guys are from a province on the marches with Rohan, where you'd expect some genetic mixing of peoples? Or is that too much thinking?
    Looking forward to seeing them in action.

  3. Look again, Padre. That helmet ain't empty...
    You are actually thinking exactly the same as me, I see these guys as coming from the farmsteads and villages all the way out to the border. Long time allies and all that.

  4. Very good, I like the idea of these militia troops being out there.