måndag 27 augusti 2012

Introducing the Heroes!

Time to start the campaign proper, or at least get the ground work in place. First step is to create stats for the leaders of the two sides. I'll start with the Gondorians, using the rules for Britons. The campaign will tell the tale of the rise (or fall) of the three sons of the Steward of Gondor: Boromir, Faramir and Hilfemir.

Boromir is the leader of the Gondorians, the Lord. First, I roll on the Age table. 4 and 5 means he is 30. Next, 5 and 2 on the Physique table makes him Of Average Build. Sounds like Sean Bean right there, except he was 42. Ah well, people lived harder lives in the Dark Ages. A good Reputation is important and getting 9 and 6 on the tale gives me Boromir the Righteous! Still on track for a Bormoir right out of the film. Attributes table gives me 9, Athlete. This means he as the ability to withdraw from the front line in combat to avoid being hit. Sounds less like Sean Bean, who has a stellar performance record when it comes to dying, but just might be right for  Boromir. A 9 on the Background table means that he is the Son Of A Centurion. Soldierly background, sounds good for our hero, but does not influence the game so I'll ignore it and maintain that he is the son of Denethor the Steward. Wealth gives me 5, A Tribunes Tribute. That will be needed when the war starts. I will count Wealth as a measure of how likely the respective Lords are of getting supplies and support from their respective armies, a high roll sounds right for the son of the ruler. The King table gives Denethors age as 58, sounds about right. In the rules, this is to keep track of when the King dies in case your Lord wants to fill his shoes. Yep, that might work, unless some Ranger comes walzing in out of the Big Bad Beyond and nicks the thone, of course...

Next I roll for his little brothers Faramir and Hilfemir.
Faramir turns out to be 30 as well, younger twin brother or a very busy year for Mrs Steward. He is of average build and is Lustful, giving him a -1 on Loyalty rolls. Younger twin sounds about right! I dispense with the other rolls for upbringing since he is established as a younger brother of the Lord.
 Hilfemir turns out to be 20, of Small and Wiry build. He has however made himself a reputation already, being known as Hilfemir the Victorious! He is also Devout, meaning he will always follow the commands of the Church. And there we have it, my three main Gondorians.

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  1. The campaign system of Dux adds so much color to the whole thing. I love this. I am following this closely as I may attempt this with some Orcs from Splintered Light.

    1. Yep. One can have lots of fun between games making up stories. Lurtz is currently involved in the MBEP, Mean Bastard Exchange Program and has been promised a Mordor Uruk-hai to act as his Champion for the coming campaign. He is on the paint table , but has been delayed by an upcoming WW2 game.