måndag 27 augusti 2012

"Lurtz, are we the baddies?"

"I mean, they don't talk about 'tasting Uruk-flesh', do they?" And if you did not get that joke, click here.
Time to roll up the stats for the Baddies for Dux Gondorum. They will be Lurtz and his sub-commanders Nutz and Boltz.
First, Lurtz:
Physique:Tall and Strong
Reputation: He is called Lurtz the Flatulent! I'm pretty sure his troops don't say it to his face...
Attribute: Master of Arms, +1D6 in close combat. Sounds right for an Uruk commander.
Background is Aristocrat, +1 to Loyalty rolls. He certainly is Sarumans Golden Boy.
Wealth is A Tribunes Tribute, the highest possible starting wealth. Seems that he gets the resources he requests for his fights.
I won't roll for his King as he is a raider and will not be involved in the Isengard power struggle.

Next, Nutz:
Reputation: He is known as Nutz the Wicked. I wonder what you need to do to be know as "the Wicked" among Uruks? Horrid stuff, I assume. I think we may have a Lt Speirs to our Maj Winters here.
And the next roll is Attributes and he gets Thrifty! An Uruk version of Speirs no doubt!
Background is Son of a Peasant, ie poor. No extra stuff from HQ from him, no wonder he has to steal!

And finally, Boltz:
Physique:Short and Wiry
No Reputation
Background: Son of a Peasant

And there we have them: the baddies. Now it's time to dig into the lead mountain to find figures to represent Nutz and Boltz.

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